How to clean the Carburetor

Remove the Carburetor

Remove the air filter housing and pull all air, fuel and oil pipes from the carburetor. Remove the accelarator cable from the top of the carburetor by turning the top counterclockwise and pull out the accelerator. Remove the carburettor by removeing the two small bolts that attache it to the inlet manufold.

Disasemble the Carburetor

Remove the trottle speed screw and air mixture screw. Note how many turns it was in and use this with assembly later.

Remove the float chamber

Remove the Float, Float Valve and Main Jet

Remove the Drain Screw in the Float Chamber

Clean the Carburetor

Clean the mail jet and screws. Use carburetor cleaner and use a copper brush to remove stubburn dirt. Check the rubber point on Float Valve for elasticity and cracks. It wil not seat and cut of fuel if it is cracket or hardened. Try not to push metal wires into the main jet as this may increase the jet size, only do this as a last measure.

Clean all the passages as shown in the next picture. Push a wire brush wire through passage 4 and check that it comes out in the throttle chamber on the other side (2).

Use compressed air to blow out all passages after cleaning with carburetor cleaner.

Clean the float bowl and especially the choke idle jet (2).

Assemble the Carburetor and turn the Air Mixture and Idle Speed screw the same number of turns in as with disassembly. If you forgot, then turn the air mixture screw in untill it stops and then 1.5 turns out again. Adjust this later when the bike starts. Turn the idle speed screw in untill it stops and then out 2 turns. Adjust this later when the bike starts.