Technical Related Questions

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Please email me any technical questions and I will gladly publish with answers on this page


Question one : How to replace the Front Headlight Lamp

Question 2 : What do I do to repair a rusted tank.

Question 3 : My Honda Express continues to blow the headlight lamp

Question 4: My Honda Express starts fine, but seems to lack power when running at full throttle.

Question 5: How to repair a Honda Express seat

Question 6: My Honda Express does not start

Question 7: How to clean the carburetor


Answer 1 :

Press to load page for Headlight Lamp Replacement.

Answer 2 :

All the Honda Express Scooters I have come across so far had a rusted petrol tank. Some were less damaged that others, but due to age and negligence they were all rusted in some way. The best solution I have come up with was to take the tank to the local radiator repair shop and had the rust chemically removed (Acid bath, etc) and then relined with a special latex type material. After that I re-sprayed the tank with a matching tin of spay paint.

Answer 3 :

Your battery is probable not charged, faulty or not connected. The voltage will be too high as the battery keeps the voltage below 7V. Never attempt to start the bike without a healthy battery.

Answer 4 :

Your exhaust is probable clogged. There is normally a carbon build up on two stroke engines, which clogs the exhaust. The easiest way to clean is to put the exhaust in a fire for a few hours, let it cool down and shake the loose carbon out. You may also try some chemical solution to get rid of the oily carbon, maybe Oven Cleaner or Clean Green. Some people cut the exhaust open to get better access with the cleaning process and then weld the part back on.

Answer 5:

I have refurbished quite a few seats so far and started by stripping the fabric from the metal plate. The plate is normally quite rusted due to the corrosive gas that is released from the battery.

The best practice is to get the metal plate sandblasted, galvanized and then re spray the plate with an appropriate color. I purchased of-cut vinyl of the original colors (Black and light gray) at a local upholstery store and had the seat upholstered at a professional coachworks company.

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Answer 6:

Press to load page to assist with starting problems.

Answer 7:

Press to load page to assist with carburetor cleaning.